According to Nordic Galvanizers Association there is a yearly decay of zinc on a galvanized surface in the ground of around 5 µm.

You can prevent this!

Our system will add 50-130% in lifespan to your galvanized surfaces!

Xtreme System

With our system, you can treat a large amount of different metal surfaces such as galvanized, aluminum, etc. with a water-borne environmentally friendly system.

Enviromental impact

With our painting system on galvanized surfaces, you prevent the toxic zinc from reaching the ground with zinc poisoning as a result. While saving the enviroment, you will ad 50-130% in life expectancy on your galvanized unit.

Our story

Our quest to innovate and improve surfaces in an environmentally friendly way has been a long journey with a clear goal. However, the environmental benefits have been higher than we expected.